Take a look at what students have to say about a course and view images of them and/or their work.

Luke New, Cornwall

"One of the best days I've ever had."

Jacqueline Giovannini, Brazil

"I invaded your home and you invaded my heart."

Bruce Robinson, Gloucestershire

"I can report that what Maureen and Baz say on the tin - 'Stone carving courses designed for you' is exactly what was delivered. While Baz went out of his way to ensure that I learnt as much as I could in a week, Maureen went out of her way to ensure my stay was first class."

Staff of the 'Environment Agency', Bodmin

"Thankyou for sharing your experience with us and enabling everyone to take something personal and unique home with them."

Chris & John Gardner, Isle of Wight

"We have learned an awful lot of things about the wonderful world of stone carving in a short amount of time. Baz’s approach inspires confidence and very quickly we were doing work we were proud of. We would recommend this course to absolute beginners as well as to those wanting to extend their skills."

Marianne Rose, Watford

"Baz offered just the right amount of teaching and encouragement to allow me to find my own path.The relaxed and friendly welcome which he and Maureen provided, combined to make it an extremely enjoyable weekend; also, Maureen’s assistance with a problem I encountered went far beyond mere hospitality."

Geraldine Cox, Brentford (www.geraldinecox.com)

"I am a painter and was keen to see what would happen when I transferred my ideas to stone. Baz quickly gained a sense of what I wanted to do and showed me the tools and techniques to make what I had in mind as well as expand my thinking. I completed my first relief carving in stone after two focused but also relaxed and extremely enjoyable afternoons. I recommend Baz's teaching to everyone."

Jack Angelo, Cwmtillery, Wales (www.jackangelo.com)

“I enjoyed working with Baz - not only for his experience and skill, but also his wisdom and humour. He encourages you to find a subject that excites you and then helps you create a carving you will be proud of.”

Steve Devlin, London

"As a businessman, I can highly recommend this as a great weekend break from the city. My time stone carving with Baz was completely absorbing. The welcome, accommodation and location were just brilliant."

Stephane Rouget from Brittany

“I came to carving and to Baz’s workshop with a very limited view of what I could do and want to achieve. Since my first meeting with Baz, and my first tuition, my views, abilities, skills have changed enormously.

Baz made me realise that carving is not just about stones but wood, metal, bones too... and that carving is also about possibilities and ways to achieve a vision.

He had, has and still is broadening my understanding of carving. I enjoy every second spent learning, carving with him and can’ t think of any better teacher. Truly inspirational.”

Tracy Rees, Cornwall

“Baz's well equipped studio was delightful and he had a fund of knowledge about stone and how to set about making a carving. He gave me the confidence to use tools and showed
me various techniques and was able to help me to bring the stone to life. Baz was an enthusiastic teacher and I had a great time and have booked another course”

Richard Farncombe, Cumbria

“The time with Baz opened up new horizons for me. I am an absolute beginner and was never encouraged to do art at school and so arrived with Baz with great trepidation. He is a master at instilling confidence and making everything in stone possible. Loved the time with him and will be returning again very soon.”

Roger Davison, Cornwall

"Baz Mehew has a high regard for indigenous/primitive designs which suits my artistic temperament very well. I definitely feel an affinity with stone carving thanks to him and it has become a natural development for me as an artist to do it. He was very encouraging about the potential of my work for sale and as a result it is now a good source of income for me."

Diane Heath, Brighton

"Baz has a lovely calm and encouraging approach to someone like me - a complete novice! He is wonderfully patient with a great sense of humour. All in all, a peaceful and uplifting retreat for me in a beautiful part of Cornwall that also enabled me to touch on my creativity and to learn a new skill."

Michael Rees, Cornwall

“Baz and Maureen have created a great atmosphere at their wonderful home and carving workshop. Baz was relaxed and knowledgeable and was able to turn my ideas, designs and sketches into practical and easy to follow stages and he helped me to visualise the piece in three dimensions.”

Dharmasakhya, London

"Carving with Baz is both enjoyable and instructive. He gives the right amount of help and guidance without being over-directive, and he allows one to make ones own mistakes which one learns from."

James Walker, Monmouth

"Baz and Maureen made me feel so at home for the weekend. They gave me a lot of help which will definitely contribute to my art A level work."